About us

Flandria, Flanders,  known for its many competitive, artistic and technical high-level achievements through history.

We can say that Flanders is 1 of the 3 regions in Belgium, and is the upperhalf and the Dutch-speaking part.

Flandria Competition Kart is a brand of competition karts, based on an idea of the DMmotorsport company, which was founded in 1994 by father and son Dehert. DMmotorsport started as a private karting team.

Flandria Competition Kart is a division of the DMmotorsportGroupe .  As by 2011 the main activity of the DMmotorsportGroupe is the development, production and distribution of the Flandria Competition Kart . Flandria Competition Kart is proud to announce, that at the date of launch, it’s the ONLY Belgian brand of competition karts homologated by RACB (Belgian ASN) and CIK FIA.

Next to the fact that Belgium was known for many competive achievements in motorsports for many years, even World Champions in Karting, we believed it was time for the launch of a Belgian kart brand.

In 2009,  Mr. Kristof Dehert, passioned by motorsports, technique and competition started with a ‘secret’ project called ‘Project X001’. For over 1 and ½ year of testing, developing, designing, lobbying on different levels world wide  ‘Project X001’ was finished in Februari 2011  and can be considered ‘closed’. ‘Project X001’ was ready to become Flandria Competition kart. 
In the development  period, the Project X001 several opponents drawbacks, one of them was the financial crisis!  Through this time the people involved in the DMmotorsport company and working with FULL dedication on ‘Project X001’, with all there hearts,  managed to complete this project !

The Flandria Competition Kart Factory is located with DMmotorsport in Temse.
A town close to the Antwerp Port, Brussel Airport and Ghent city !
We can say that we are located in the centre Europe.

The goal of the Flandria Kart department is to build Karts which can be used by everyone, from hobby-drivers to pro-drivers and teams.  Where there is often a lack of feedback, performance, supply, and especially quality,our goal is to fill in ALL this parts of the Karting scene when it comes to the development and production of  the chassis.

With a top quality aluminium and magnesium, a fabulous design and the high performance quality of the chassis tubes, Flandria got THAT chassis which you have to own, to do your motorized passion :  KARTING.

Flandria Competion Kart stands for performance, reliability and the Belgian spirit with a mind set for winning, which is bigger than where ever, worldwide !