Last weekend, we competed in the opening round of the ADAC Masters, the German Champs for IAME X30, as well as the OK and OKj class.

Representing for us, where :

Aaron Ferrazzano (OKjunior)
Gabriel Streitmatter (Senior)
Jarno Sutens (Senior)

A. Ferrazzano entered his first ever race in Junior, While J.Sutens debuted in Senior, after any racing since 2018 !
G. Streitmatter was going to try to get the win, that he missed out on, in 2019 !

Qualify was positive, with a POLE POSITION for G.Streitmatter

After the Heats, and a lot of unexpected happenings, Ferrazzano placed 28th with a broken chassis tube out of 48, while Streitmatter and Sutens placed their Flandria Kart on P1 and P3 !

Prefinal :

Ferrazzano : P28 to 18 !
Streitmatter : P3 (after being blocked for 40% of the racetime, and fastest lap, closing 100m gab in 6 laps !)
Sutens : DNF by a broken engine-support clamp !

Final :

Ferrazzano : With a positive curve, our 12y old friend, was full into a comeback, after all the bad luck ! While arriving into the top 10 after only 6laps, Aaron got eliminated by a VERY DANGEROUS and DIRTY action ! One for the books !
Streitmatter, who was the weekends protagonist, had a clean sheet untill than, while in the 3th restart of the Final, he made a little mistake, therefor spinning of track, shaddering our (the whole team) and his hopes for the STRAIGHT and perfect win, which was heartbreaking ofcourse !
Sutens, who had to start last due to his DNF in pre-final, recovered amazingly quick into the top10 !

Next race for our works-team : BeNeLux IAME Series
Apex Instituto and Flandria Kart South America driver, Andres Cardenas, has swapped to our chassis during the 2019 season, finishing a top 10 result in the leMans Rotax Int’l Open, but besides that winning several championships in and around the South American Rotax and IAME series !

We want to thank and show our appreciation towards Andres, his family, and his entourage, and ofcourse Manuel Pereira of Apex Instituto !
Amazing final round of the Dutch Mini 60 Nationals for our #FlandriaKartAcademy drivers ! With the Championship title AND round win for Ferrazzano

  • Sutens podium yet again !
  • Meert meets his top 5 goal !
  • Noschese meets his top 10 speed !
After all what has been done to our team by 3th parties, the team manager, mecanics, sponsors, parents and drivers have been running ‘the extra mile’ to show our potential for the final round of the Dutch nationals, where our Academy was present all year with 4 drivers.

This time, we dont feel like posting a whole review on each drivers performance.

The highlights of the weekend, where for us not only the weekend win and national title for Aaron Ferrazzano starting from P11 (Pole with a penalty for passing under yellow)!

But we are very happy with the amazing recovery by Senne Sutens, who was stroke by engine failure on saterday... still found his right setup, and managed to fight in the top5, finshing p4 overall !

The 2 youngest members, Surprised us even more with both reaching their best speed of the season !

Lorenzo Noschese (8y) reaching a surtain point, running in 9th !

While Vince Meert (just 10y) was often fighthing in the top 7 (and even run in p4 for a while !)

Both unfortunatly got caught up in crashes in race 1 and 3.

The overall results, after calculation and penalties, will be posted online soon !

The end of this season brings our Academy to the next level for 2020 !

A big thanks, to everyone involved !

And a big thanks to Arthur Dontje for sponsoring the lottery engine system !
Apex Instituto, by Manuel Pereira, have delivered the young Peruvian talent to our team for the Rotax International Open last month, scoring a top 10 place !

As a first step of our new entity Veloce Sudam, in collaboration with Apex, and MANY thanks to Adres' father for his trust in our materials, we are happy to introduce our chassis with a win @ the Peruvian IAME challenge !

We are very thankfull to Andres and his family, Manuel from Apex Instiuto, and we are very happy to work towards more succes soon !
After a late descission of our young Peruvian, to compete in the RMCIT, in the Mini Max Class, at the difficult but very beautifull track of Le Mans ??, we knew it was going to be a VERY difficult weekend.

First of all, Andrés first time on our chassis... first time at Le Mans, and his first Rotax European meeting.

Technical wise, this category was totaly new for us, as its weight is set at 125kg, but on the 950mm chassis, with a width rule of 120 max!

We started of with our standard Smiley5 2019 chassis, and worked towards top laptimes !

Seemed that top 15 was a good first indication, while the top 9 in FP, where mostly French drivers, as they have the track knowledge and especially know the category !

After testing and a bit of datawork, it was obvious that our young fella, was going to have a hard time, with 25kg of lead on the kart !

All together, Andrés worked hard, as well as our CEO Kristof Dehert, as our Mecanics Boy Ridderhof and David Fernando Rios.

all of this resulted in a P10 qualification !

Being the first non French driver, and best of all : only less than 0.2sec from top 3. And less than 0.3 from pole !

The heats were extremely difficult, as we used them to test setups... and tried to solve the hassle we had, caused by the 25kg of weight!

2 spoiler penalties.... resulted in p17 overall after the heats !

PreFinal, Andrés worked himself into the top 10, finishing 9th !

The Final started

By a bit of a "casino" start, dropping to 14th, but worked himself into p7, (knowing there where 2 Disqualifies) loosing 3 positions in the last lap, over a P8 battle!

Finishing P9 out of almost 40 drivers !
G. Streitmatter for Pole and Lap Record !
M. Dappert for an amazing recovery !
In the ADAC German Nationals at Kart-Club Kerpen !

Saterday morning started with an amazing laptime of 44.5 for Gabriel Streitmatter, which is the Lap Record for X30 at the amazing Kerpen track as well as pole position for this race, ofcourse !

After a tecnical problem for Maxi Dappert, we finally found the problem, but it was not for long since it started to rain for the finals.
The rainy finals didnt help Gabriel in his 1st experience on a wet Kerpen, and his 3th wet experience ever... yet he managed

To stay in 4th in the final, getting a tecnical warning flag half-way the race for a loose rear bumper caused by a very un-intelligent move by another driver, still very strong performance !
in the Meanwhile Maxi Dappert worked his way up from p27 to P6 !

Both had their setbacks, but also both had their amazing performance peake, in the this preparing race for the 2020 season !

Maximilian Dappert returns to Flandria Kart and shows potential in ADAC WAKC, in preparation for ADAC Kart Masters

After only 5 sessions on Saterday... testing a few setup parts... Maximilian managed to show fastest time in Warm Up.
In Qualify, Maxi got stuck in traffic in both peak laps... managed to tap p5 in group... p9 overall !

Final 1 started with a crash... resulting Maxi to drop back to p34.
Due to his fighting spirit, he manager to get back to P20.

In Final 2, the struggle was keep the grip, as we went for peak setup due to a very short preparation.
Maxi managed to recover to p14, and even secure his championship lead in the WAKC Championship.

After a first Difficult race, this time, João powered his 2019 Flandria Kart KZ with a brand new factory tuned SGM powerplant.

His hard work, the new powerplant on our new chassis made him the man to beat ! With a Pole and overall win !
Lorenzo Noschese age: 8
Vince Meert age: 9
Senne Sutens age: 10
Aaron Ferrazzano age: 11
Jeavy Reppel age: 6

First of all, we want to introduce the latest, and youngest, member to the academy team:

Jeavy Reppel ✌️ The 6 year old joined the official Friday practices and showed LOADS of potential for his age ! Ofcourse, due to his age, he is nog yet able to get his license to join the official Nationals Championships! ?
Than, we had another new driver that we have welcomed to our team : The 9 year old Vince Meert. Who started Karting in 2017 but didnt drove at all during the whole 2018 season.

Vince qualified 21st (12th in Rookie Class), but worked himself into p12 for the Final manche, where working for top10 he got involved in a crash, and fell back out of the top20... but fought back strong! And made up 5 places again !?
Aaron Ferrazzano, had VERY difficult weekend... Saterday we had to run our own engine, cause the lotery engine had troubles. The goal was to be in front of the closest championship contenders.... and he did !
Finished 2nd, behind a "wildcard" driver (geuststarter), givin' Aaron, yet again, a little more advantage in the championship, which he's leading ??

Senne Sutens, didn't had the perfect setup found, afterlittle carburettor problems, which have been solved by the engine suplliar, Senne made his way back into P4!
Very VERY good points gor the championship ! Making up places , with the aim for a top 3 in the end lf the year !?

Lorenzo Noschese, surprised us all, even his qualify result was a little dissapointing, he still managed to touch the top 15 overall and constantly was battling in the top 12 in Rookie class ??
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