Thursday, 06 June 2019

Just say double ! Double podium for Sutens and Ferrazzano ! @ Dutch National Mini 60 Championship !

Arrived on friday-morning at the TT Junior Track of Assen, it was clear, this was not going to be an easy task !

And so it wasn't.

Non of our drivers had ever ran this track, either seen it...

After friday practice, we seemed to struggle a lot within to choose gearing and tyre pressures.

On top of things, it seemed we had a lot to win in the lotery engines being build differenlty from ours, and so we did addapt pretty quick, qualifying P2(Ferrazzano), P4(Sutens) , and p20 for our very youngenst(Noschese).

After having our peak on the new tyres, we worked hard and find out more, where Ferrazzano and Sutens finished 2 - 3 in first 2 heats, while doing a 1 - 3 in the final, with the fastest laptime !

Noschese had to recover 2 times from 27 after a crash, ending up 20th overall, but a beautiful p13 in the final !!


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