Sunday, 25 August 2019

Andrés Cardenas P9 @ Rotax Max Challenge International Trophee

After a late descission of our young Peruvian, to compete in the RMCIT, in the Mini Max Class, at the difficult but very beautifull track of Le Mans ??, we knew it was going to be a VERY difficult weekend.

First of all, Andrés first time on our chassis... first time at Le Mans, and his first Rotax European meeting.

Technical wise, this category was totaly new for us, as its weight is set at 125kg, but on the 950mm chassis, with a width rule of 120 max!

We started of with our standard Smiley5 2019 chassis, and worked towards top laptimes !

Seemed that top 15 was a good first indication, while the top 9 in FP, where mostly French drivers, as they have the track knowledge and especially know the category !

After testing and a bit of datawork, it was obvious that our young fella, was going to have a hard time, with 25kg of lead on the kart !

All together, Andrés worked hard, as well as our CEO Kristof Dehert, as our Mecanics Boy Ridderhof and David Fernando Rios.

all of this resulted in a P10 qualification !

Being the first non French driver, and best of all : only less than 0.2sec from top 3. And less than 0.3 from pole !

The heats were extremely difficult, as we used them to test setups... and tried to solve the hassle we had, caused by the 25kg of weight!

2 spoiler penalties.... resulted in p17 overall after the heats !

PreFinal, Andrés worked himself into the top 10, finishing 9th !

The Final started

By a bit of a "casino" start, dropping to 14th, but worked himself into p7, (knowing there where 2 Disqualifies) loosing 3 positions in the last lap, over a P8 battle!

Finishing P9 out of almost 40 drivers !