Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Amazing final round of the Dutch Mini 60 Nationals

Amazing final round of the Dutch Mini 60 Nationals for our #FlandriaKartAcademy drivers ! With the Championship title AND round win for Ferrazzano

  • Sutens podium yet again !
  • Meert meets his top 5 goal !
  • Noschese meets his top 10 speed !
After all what has been done to our team by 3th parties, the team manager, mecanics, sponsors, parents and drivers have been running ‘the extra mile’ to show our potential for the final round of the Dutch nationals, where our Academy was present all year with 4 drivers.

This time, we dont feel like posting a whole review on each drivers performance.

The highlights of the weekend, where for us not only the weekend win and national title for Aaron Ferrazzano starting from P11 (Pole with a penalty for passing under yellow)!

But we are very happy with the amazing recovery by Senne Sutens, who was stroke by engine failure on saterday... still found his right setup, and managed to fight in the top5, finshing p4 overall !

The 2 youngest members, Surprised us even more with both reaching their best speed of the season !

Lorenzo Noschese (8y) reaching a surtain point, running in 9th !

While Vince Meert (just 10y) was often fighthing in the top 7 (and even run in p4 for a while !)

Both unfortunatly got caught up in crashes in race 1 and 3.

The overall results, after calculation and penalties, will be posted online soon !

The end of this season brings our Academy to the next level for 2020 !

A big thanks, to everyone involved !

And a big thanks to Arthur Dontje for sponsoring the lottery engine system !