Tuesday, 04 August 2020

2020 ADAC Kart Masters , Rd.1 Kart-Club Kerpen : An Emotional Roller-Coaster

Last weekend, we competed in the opening round of the ADAC Masters, the German Champs for IAME X30, as well as the OK and OKj class.

Representing for us, where :

Aaron Ferrazzano (OKjunior)
Gabriel Streitmatter (Senior)
Jarno Sutens (Senior)

A. Ferrazzano entered his first ever race in Junior, While J.Sutens debuted in Senior, after any racing since 2018 !
G. Streitmatter was going to try to get the win, that he missed out on, in 2019 !

Qualify was positive, with a POLE POSITION for G.Streitmatter

After the Heats, and a lot of unexpected happenings, Ferrazzano placed 28th with a broken chassis tube out of 48, while Streitmatter and Sutens placed their Flandria Kart on P1 and P3 !

Prefinal :

Ferrazzano : P28 to 18 !
Streitmatter : P3 (after being blocked for 40% of the racetime, and fastest lap, closing 100m gab in 6 laps !)
Sutens : DNF by a broken engine-support clamp !

Final :

Ferrazzano : With a positive curve, our 12y old friend, was full into a comeback, after all the bad luck ! While arriving into the top 10 after only 6laps, Aaron got eliminated by a VERY DANGEROUS and DIRTY action ! One for the books !
Streitmatter, who was the weekends protagonist, had a clean sheet untill than, while in the 3th restart of the Final, he made a little mistake, therefor spinning of track, shaddering our (the whole team) and his hopes for the STRAIGHT and perfect win, which was heartbreaking ofcourse !
Sutens, who had to start last due to his DNF in pre-final, recovered amazingly quick into the top10 !

Next race for our works-team : BeNeLux IAME Series